Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Broth no a bear?

I cried on my way to work this morning. No, not because I'm sad, but because last night the weather literally dropped 25 degrees. At about 8am it was 36 degrees F and according to weather.com, felt like 29 degrees F. And this was not just any 36 degrees F, but with strong winds forcing a constant clenched jaw and waterfall snot and tears. Nearby school, I walked up to a crosswalk and encountered the vice principal of my school. It's really difficult for the two of us to communicate because of the language barrier, but he kindly took my hand and rubbed it with his. This may sound strange to some, but it was purely a kind gesture and reassured me that I am appreciated at the school. 
South Korea is known for having four distinct seasons, meaning, unlike the Pacific NW's 2 weeks of summer, 2 weeks of fall, etc...and so on tango dance, the weather will switch in a day and stay that way. But every native I've talked to is surprised that it has switched this early, so whether or not it will stay, I am uncertain. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining because I can already tell that fall around these parts is going to be absolutely breathtaking.
And lucky for me, I will be enjoying every last bit of it on my new bike. A new friend in the area decided that she no longer wanted hers and so she sold it to me. SCORE! and thank you, Jenna :) Since I've gotten it, I've been riding along the Anyangcheon River every day, usually at night. The wind in my face, city lights on the water, trail separate from cars, and the perfect combination of hills that provide me with that funny feeling in my stomach combine to make me feel free as a bird (cheesy, but serious!). I love work, but afterward I feel exhausted. Biking creates this separation from work and my personal life, like during and after biking, is my time and teacher-Lana has been shutoff. I love the re-energized feeling and it certainly doesn't hurt that Anyang is an extremely bike friendly city. 

Eye candy for your enjoyment: 

Met a friend from orientation in Myeongdong, Seoul for some shopping. The early me enjoyed a cup of joe. Stronger than most, but still not strong enough.
And we had these tasty treats. If you know their name, please share. I forgot, but must have another. 

Call me Chef Lana because I made eggs, tiny eggs and they are more difficult than large ones...

First time in Suwon. Please notice the female hand in the male back pocket. 

Dean, cheesecake, kiwi smoothie, coffee, and zebra print seats. 
Full moon two nights ago. 

That brick building on the left, that would be my school. 

I wouldn't dare end this post without more English t-shirts.  

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