About Me

Ahn nyeong from Anyang, South Korea! Ahn nyeong (안녕) is the informal way for saying "hello" in Korean and Anyang is a quaint, but not so small, city located just south of Seoul. The two sound a lot alike and, to tell you the truth, I'm not even sure I can tell them apart.  it took me an entire year to recognize the difference in pronunciation.

I'm a solo female from the Pacific NW, USA currently teaching English at a public school in Anyang, South Korea. Back home I studied Social Sciences/History as an undergraduate and then went on to receive a Masters in Education. I am very passionate about teaching and am fortunate enough to work at a school that supports my desire to maintain a student centered classroom where creativity, critical thinking, and student interest triumph textbook learning. This, of course, is quite the challenge with 900 students, but I'm growing into a better teacher with every lesson that passes.

I thrive on adventure, open doors and new experiences. Outside the classroom you may find me hiking, climbing, biking, traveling, attending festivals, eating out, volunteering, etc. I especially enjoy combining any of the above. I'm also interested in photography and journalism, but am a novice at both. Human rights and fighting injustice (particularly in North Korea) are very important to me and should be a concern for everybody. Love it or hate it- these are all things that I document over here at "Ahn Nyeong from Anyang, South Korea." Hope you'll stay for a while...