Sunday, October 28, 2012

Konichiwa from Tokyo-Narita

I'm sitting here at the Narita Airport in Tokyo, Japan. I'm on my way back to Korea after having had a one week visit back in Oregon. I've plopped down on the ground to charge my phone, which I'm using to write this very blog entry. People are giving me some pretty strange looks-I guess sitting along the wall of a busy walkway isn't conventional around here. But I don't care. In watching the passing people in return.

Passing me now is a campus couple. A campus couple in Korea is a couple wearing the same thing- the same sweatshirt, same hat or sometime even the same shoes. I guess they have campus couples in Japan too! Or maybe they are also headed back to Korea.

Stewardesses pass, either having just arrived off a flight or heading toward one that is departing. If they work for an Asian airline, you would never know the difference because of their high level of professionalism.

As I typed the above sentences, I heard the lyrics, "God bless America" being sung. When I looked up it was two, what I can only guess to be American hipster guys. They could use some voice work.

I hear various languages. Some people are in a rush, some are taking their time. Some look tired, some confused, some excited, and some like zombies.

Oh! A guy just passed with a grey mustache- one of those that are long and curl upward.

And there goes a girl running past! Hope she makes her flight.

Anyway, airports are an interesting place. I think that's what I'm getting at. If embraced, they can be an exciting part of traveling. They always make me feel nostalgic, probably why I suddenly had the urge to blog.

I also want to share some special memories from my visit home.

Will add photo descriptions later!


  1. Nice pics. Welcome back. Blog more please.

  2. 아주 좋은 기사! 당신이 좋아 하시죠!