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Travel/Work Abroad-

ESL/EFL/Etc. Teaching Resources-
  • Watch Know "Videos for students to learn from. Organized."
  • Icon Finder is a great place to find images for making flashcards, slide shows, and visual aids of any sort. 
  • When I've reached a creativity block, I browse Dave's ESL Cafe's Idea Cookbook.
  • is a place for English teachers in South Korea to share teaching material. My feelings about the site are mixed. Sometimes I find it useful, but sometimes I feel it breed a lack of creativity with material (the majority being PPTs) not necessarily fitting the needs of my particular class. Just keep an open mind!
  • Free Rice will donate rice to third world countries with a couple brain cells and a click of a button! 

Jobs in South Korea-
  • Dave's ESL Cafe- Korean Job Discussion is a great place to get a feel for what is out there in the world of ESL jobs in South Korea. Careful, though, posters on here tend to be on the cynical side, so don't let them get you down.  
  • In landing my teaching job in South Korea, I used Joyce at Korvia Consulting recruiting agency. Many first timers in South Korea find that the use of a recruiter lessens the stress of the job search and settling down process. Before using Korvia, I worked with Aclipse and was unhappy with their service.

    Exploring South Korea-

    Life in Korea-

    South Korea Literature-

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