Tuesday, October 19, 2010


"R/L (rolled sound) ANA, LANA!" as I exit the school gates. I look back and three of my students are eagerly trying to get my attention despite my head phones being on. 

I say, "Hey girls! Hope you have a great evening!"

One girl responds, "I LOVE YOU!" with 100% sincerity. 

And I shout, "I LOVE YOU TOOOO!" 

"I'm glad!" as she smiles in the midst of her most perfectly awesome mushroom hair-cut. 

Little moments such as this are what get me through my home-sickness.

What does not help is making the post office lady upset for not knowing enough Korean, so I shall go be trendy and study Korean at the coffee shop (yes, it's a fad in Korea too).

They sell the shirt globally.

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