Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Beautiful Store

The Beautiful Store
Weeks ago, one of the first people I met in Anyang told me about a secondhand store called The Beautiful Store.  Having quickly realized that the majority in Koreans are less than enthused about the idea of used clothing,  I was surprised. This could be completely off base and no where did I officially read this, but through the grape vine, I have heard it has something to do with a traditional belief regarding the previous owner continuing to "haunt" the article of clothing. I guess I wouldn't care for that either. Anyway, the news of a secondhand store in the land where they are spares excited me and so my friend wrote down the name of the store in both English and Korean for me.

After school today, I suddenly had the urge to visit. I had not a clue where the store was located (being the case with most new places since Google map is in Korean), so I hopped in a cab conveniently sitting outside my building and pointed to the name written in Korean characters. The driver laughed to his friend (another cab driver out front) and then we were off. About 15 minutes later and about 15 minutes of fearing for my life in one of the most terrifying cab rides of my life, I arrived at a tall brick building. After accidentally walking into the donation center and being told to head upstairs to the second floor, I made it inside the store. And it was, indeed, beautiful. I purchased two dressy jackets and a skirt for 10,000won (~9 USD), but had the place not closed 15 minutes after my arrival, I would have purchased much more. 

 I like the bag. 
The clothing, though, is not the greatest part about the store. Instead, its the foundation in which is lies. Proceeds from the sale of donated goods go toward numerous projects that support the community, citizens of the third world, emergency relief funding, etc.

From their brochure:

There is nothing in the world which exists alone. Humans, humans and nature, cities and countries, all the nations and peoples, and numerous communities are in need of, and linked to each other. There is nothing in our ecosystem free from a relationship with everything else.

For anyone in Korea in search of secondhand stores or and opportunity for volunteer work, by all means, I recommend The Beautiful Store. It sounds like they also host an expat garage sale, and sponsor a design company with the goal of sustainability in mind. HOORAY!

And a cute little red-eyed bugger just for you.
After school sun lit up only my Portland photo.

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  1. Hey - I just wondered if you still have the name of this store in Hangul? Or if you have any more idea of where it is located now? Would be great to have it on the website!!

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