Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Today I heard a group of my 5th graders teasing one another in English. Top insults:
  • "Her name is...." in reference to someone that is a boy and vise versa. 
  • "She/He is my grandmother/grandfather." 
  • "She/He is my baby." 
I could not help but crack up. In fact, I couldn't stop my laughing and had to move away so that I was not supporting their bickering/sluggish work progress. But seriously, at least they were using English in English class. Quite creative if you ask me...

And then I read shirts such as this on a daily basis; shirts that the students nor the teachers understand. Just me. How on earth am I supposed to keep my composure? 

4th grader. 
I've added the tag "English Shirts" because I'm certain I must start documenting these on a regular basis. 

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