Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Damnit. I am alive, but posting from a PC Bang just does not feel right. I'm surrounded by young boys playing World of Warcraft, music with the course "I'm so bad," and pink hearts. Confused? Yeah, me too.

Quickly, though, I will share just how kind those around me have been. Yesterday, the battery to my key-less entry door went dead. For a good 15 minutes I thought I'd be homeless for the night. Obviously I came to my senses and realized I had two choices: 1. call my nearby native friend or 2. call my co-teacher. I opted for choice number one. He was out of the area and so he sent a friend that spoke a teensy bit of English. He communicated well with my doorman and together they decided to try attaching a battery to the battery of my door. This did not appear to work because never could I enter my pass-code, but randomly and by some unknown force of nature, my door just unlocked... WHEW! A major thank you goes out to Mr. Gu and his friend for spending a good 1.5 hours helping me.

A Second thank you goes out to a new teacher at my school by the name of Mr. Kim. He is subbing for a female on maternity leave. His desk is next to mine and he speaks some English. In a staff room dominated by Korean (expected), it does feel nice to be sitting next to someone that I can communicate with. Anyway, he has taken it upon himself to help me in finding a cord for my computer. Today, after school, he went to a Toshiba Service Center to pick up a cord that he had previously called about. After having unsuccessfully venturing to Seoul twice on the same mission, I was very grateful for his assistance.

When I get my laptop up and running, I will be sharing all of the wonderful things happening here in South Korea via images.


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