Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Sunny Day in Anyang

And the Birds Came Out to Play
Just when I thought the sun was gone for good, the thunder, lightening, rain and clouds gave way to a beautiful sunny day. Holiday break is quickly dwindling and so Jake and I decided to trek the Anyang-Seoul trail. We didn't figure we would make it all the way to Seoul (it's about 30 miles), but set out anyway. After enjoying the trail for about two hours, we passed by a man that encouraged us to travel off the trail and visit an art show. We looked for the show, but couldn't find it. Instead, we started seeing signs for Anyang Art Park, a popular park housing tons of beautiful artistic structures. We ate and walked to the park, which was very much worth the detour.

I really love this city because all you need to do is be willing to get out and explore and you are destined to find something exciting and more than likely, totally unexpected. The Anyang-Seoul trail is amazing. This is where all of the bikers and joggers are. I cannot wait to get my first pay check and also find a used bike shop. I will be joining them very soon.

White Heron Along the Trail
Hopping along Han River Stream Stones
Kids feed fish like they are ducks.
We pointed to two items (in Korean) on the menu and
this is what we got. Good technique.
Around the Art Park 

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