Sunday, September 12, 2010

San Fran. Pit Stop

Woke up from my half conscious sleep at 3:30am this morning, finished packing, and headed for the airport. Saying goodbye to my cats, dog and family made my departure seem all the much realer. Still, though, I didn't realize I would be gone for an entire year until I said bye to my mom at the gates at PDX. Almost cried, but luckily her smiling face kept my cool.

My flight from PDX to SFO was almost unbearable. Slightly hung over from the night before and sitting next a guy that was melting into my area made 1.5 hours feel like 15. Every time I leaned back in my chair, our arms would touch and personally, I feel extremely uncomfortable touching strangers.

Now I'm sitting in the SFO airport, all checked in, but with 3 hours until my final 13 hour flight departs. Thank you SFO for the complimentary 50 minutes of free Internet. Also thank you to the family changing their babies poopy diaper in the middle of the food court...just what my still nauseous stomach wanted to see. Wish I had time to walk to the Golden Gate Bridge or do something.

Since I'm  pretty close to the Korean Air check-in, the majority of those around me are Korean, but every time I see somebody that is not, I wonder if they too are on a journey to teach English in S. Korea.

Hope my flight passes quickly, hope I have someone waiting at the airport for me, and most importantly, I hope that I have an apartment waiting for me. All I can do is think short term and that is short term for today.

Off to find food! Maybe I'll practice my chopsticks skills so to not look too ridiculous once in S. Korea.


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