Wednesday, September 22, 2010


So lost in Anyang
Today I was lost and by lost, I mean I had absolutely no idea where on earth I was or how to get home. I was on one of my walking tours and after seeing about 7 of Anyang's wonderful parks, I realized that I had no idea where I was. Luckily, this only lasted for about 20 minutes until I spotted a 711 (yes, they are everywhere here). This was not just any 711, but the one next to a foreigner bar called "The Dugout" that I visited a few days back. At the 711, I bought some ice cream and ate it while I recharged my cellphone (you do that at mini-marts here). 

Afterward, I was starving and so I met Jake in Pyeonchong for some food. Usually when we decide to go out to eat, we choose any random restaurant out of the hundreds. Some have menus with photographs or English pronunciations and others do not. This one did not and so, I brought out my Korean/English dictionary and looked up the word "recommend." I then proceeded to point at the menu and then point to "recommend" in Korean. They cooked us up a dish of octopus, beef and vegetables. I wish I knew the name because it was delicious and I'd like to order it again. 

Recommended Meal

Dinner was excellent, but once full, all I could think about was cleaning my bathroom, the last un-cleaned room of my apartment. I'm not necessarily the neatest person, but dirt or dust just gross me out. I cannot bear to think about someone else’s skin particles setting in my living space, so naturally, I am out to clean every inch of my hair and dust ridden apartment. I find myself at the top of the mirror in my bathroom and BAM, there they are- NEEDLES. Are they medical needles? Or are they heroin/other hard drug needles? I do not know, but they appear to be in a hidden location and this freaked me out. SICK! I quickly disposed of them, but am pretty sure they will re-appear in my nightmares...

Tomorrow, I'm following a hiking trail to Seoul. I do not know how far I will travel, but it shall be quite interesting. Then, THEN, Shannon and Jeff are visiting on Friday and Saturday :)

And here, for you, some eye candy:

Art and Parks in Anyang
Fluttering High
Treats Everywhere=Koreas #1 Draw
Ready for my own. 

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