Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Anyang Visuals

My walk to school is quite enjoyable.

At school, one of my activities was for the students to create self-portraits, half their face being realistic and the other half being made up of things that represent themselves. It's an activity that I learned from one of my most inspirational teachers in my Masters program. The kids ate it up and after having to pick the first students at random in each class, almost everyone wanted to share (even my INSANE 5th graders).

Beomgye Neighborhood after school with my co-teacher and the foreign language teacher  previous to me.  We are going to meet the 4th grade team for a Vietnamese dinner. This place has SO MUCH flavor!

The previous foreign teacher and myself next to one of Anyang's million fountains. 

My co-teacher and a 4th grade homeroom teacher at dinner. What I have learned and love is that Korean meals are extremely communal meaning everyone shares everything. There is no worrying about double dipping, no eying another's   plate with envy, or no being confused about what to order (in my case) because everyone shares! It is fun :)

Lastly, my co-teacher, the previous foreign language teacher, and two 4th grade team teachers headed to Anyang Central Park to watch the colorful fountains. I don't have pictures of my apartment yet because I have no gotten unpacked and my place is a mess, but my building is one of the those extremely tall ones in the background. 

Ah, video, coming soon...can't get it to upload.

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