Sunday, January 2, 2011

Self-portrait of a Wyvern Lover.

Never have I witnessed self portraits not be a success in either an ESL or non-ESL classroom. Bottom line, students love drawing themselves and they appreciate exploring who they are, so the silhouette and "I am..." poem combo was a hit with my 4th grade winter camp. Using the overhead projector, the teachers traced the student silhouettes projected on white paper. Students then wrote their poems (after review of some key phases and vocabulary...nice time to talk about personality characteristics). Students could also partner and draw one another, but we simply didn't have time. I still remember the silhouette activity I did as a 5th grader. I remember thinking how neat it was that it was my actual shadow on paper. And then the "I am..." poem is something that stood out in one of my favorite graduate courses: Multicultural Education.

Enjoy :)

My cellphone camera was accidentally on negative setting. Fyi, a Wyvern is a dragon/lizard/snake and apparently awesome.

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