Sunday, January 2, 2011

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"Diiiiiing dong, diiiiing dong." The sound of my intercom sounded loudly this evening and was then followed by a quick melody. I still don't quite understand the system. I turned on the camera that shows a view of outside my door, but nobody was there. So, I opened the door and still, there was no one. At the same time a man on the intercom was yelling "Yeob-sae-yo (telephone hello)!" So I responded and somehow understood that there was a package downstairs for me. I guess a simple ding-dong means someone at the door and, if followed by a melody, means they are downstairs. Regardless, they can talk to me in my room from downstairs... hm.

 Anyway, I get downstairs and spot two large packages sitting on the counter: one from my mom, brother and cats and one from my friend/wife, Amy. I signed for them and then bolted. I guess I thought they would combust if I didn't open them within minutes because I did exactly that. Not a single piece of wrapping paper was salvageable, which is too bad because they were all so neatly wrapped. I was just WAY too excited to take my time.
Forgive the shitty quality of photos, my camera is a goner and I'm temporarily resorting to my cellphone camera.

Box #1- Love from Amy.

She kind of knows me ;)

They are as tasty as they look.

Last year we were together for New Years in person and this year it was via
skype. She sent me memories; the best part of the package :D

Package #2- Love from my mom, brother and cats- Mario and Luigi.

My cats live with my mom for 4 months and they suddenly acquire her

<3 <3 <3

Not bad brother, not bad at all.

BIRT'S BEES!!! And of course there was the underwear I requested. I
can't get myself to shop for it when being constantly watched.

Pre-New Year, there were these tasties from my friend, Tony.
And don't even say they are gross.

Being here in Korea makes me miss my family and friends, yes. But it also makes me appreciate them 10X more. It's absolutely true what they say: Distance makes the heart grow fonder. I'll admit, I shed a few tears when opening my gifts, but only tears of happiness. I miss and love these people so much :)


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