Thursday, January 13, 2011

Belated Holiday-ish

Christmas and the New Year came and went. Despite the task having been looming over my head for weeks, I simply cannot get myself to write much about either one. Not because there isn't much to say, but just because some things are better left unsaid. I do feel like I should at least post a couple pictures before I start traveling and the potential for a holiday post disappears... forever.

Christmas was spent with friends Shannon, Jeff and Jake down south in Daegu. We acted Christmassy and jumped off Woobang Tower. Yea, seriously. If you are interested in reading more about the Tower Jump (an amazing experience, I will say), check out Shannon's entry about the experience.

Aw, our little South Korea family  <3

Adrenaline rush!!!

And what would a new year be without some resolutions? Here are mine for the year 2011:

  • To be more vulnerable. To love with my whole heart, to be seen, to practice gratitude and joy, to do things without any guarantee, and to believe that I am enough. Inspired by "Researcher Story Teller," Brene Brown. My resolution had already been to be more vulnerable and then I watched her video and my struggle became easier to put into words. 
  • Accepting my own flaws. I think this helps in accepting others flaws and sometimes I have a difficult time doing both. 
  • Saying those things that aren't easy to say. I don't know exactly what it is that holds me back from sharing positive thoughts/feeling about/for a person or something they have done. It's like formulating the words seems too difficult, the comment not important, the thought somehow embarrassing (back to the vulnerability thing), etc. Something is holding it back. This past year, though, I read a quote (and I can't remember for the life of me how it went or who said it) about how those things that go unsaid are usually the things that would mean the most to another. It resonated with me and so this is a resolution.
  • Being more specific in making observations. "I like ________ because ________" instead of "I like ________" or even worse, "Good Job!" This is more-so a work-related resolution because I've found this habit to be more difficult with ESL students than when working in the states. It can also be relevant to life outside of work.
  • Ask more questions. Especially when being submersed in a new country, asking questions is important and I could absolutely do a lot more of it. It's flattering to others and educational for me. 
  • Learn/Practice Korean. Not much to say here except that I need to make this a major priority. 
  • Journal privately. I love the blog world and even though mine has been  feeling like a little home lately, there is nothing that should replace the expression of my deepest and most personal thoughts on paper. 

So there we have it, my resolutions for all to see. Guess I should probably stick to them  ;)

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