Thursday, December 30, 2010

Mt. Dobong (도봉산): cool cats.

Once upon a time (two weeks ago, to be exact), I hiked Mount Dobong, located off Dobongsan Station, line 1 and 7 in Seoul. I meant to blog about the adventure long ago, but find it difficult to put into words the invigorating sense of being I get when climbing the mountains here, this one included. So, I just put it off and put it off, until now. I'll keep the words to a minimal, for your sake and mine. (*^_^)/

Friday, the morning after my holiday party, I woke up at about 6am to my alarm and thought, "Hell no am I going hiking." That, of course, was just tired, grumpy, just woke up after a night of drinking hot buttered rum Lana. After about 15 minutes of laying in bed, I was psyched and ready to get a move on. The subway ride took about 1.5 hours and, careful not to break my hiking trip tardiness trend, I was late. Luckily, so were about 5 others, some much later than myself!

First giant rock of a very rocky trail. .

The first part of the journey was cake. Then, we entered the "no trail" zone and it gradually grew more difficult.

Korea's "Smokey the Bear"

Pregnant on peak 1/3. Must be something special about the mountain. 

Borrowed cramp-ons from my friend, David. Not sure the higher parts would have been possible without. THANK YOU!

Oh just some cats peering off the highest big deal.

Bird feeder. Had about 10 birds eating out of the palms of his hands...

Tried a new dish at dinner-time. Wish I could remember the name. ???

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