Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Anyang Flurry

There must be something magical about snow. There just has to be because from the second I walked out of my apartment and into the flurry and through the rest of the day, wonderful things, one after the other, just kept popping up. Or perhaps spotting a grand moment first thing in the morning helped me take notice throughout the rest of the day. Or maybe the calming effect activated by the slowly falling, fluffy, little flakes help us slow down and relax enough to appreciate our surroundings. Whatever it was, it wasn't just me that the snow positively affected, but my entire school. I loved the students bright eyes and smiles as they shouted at me: "It's going to be a white Christmas!" I don't know where they learned the phrase, but it was precious.

It has not been sticking very well, but my co-teacher said forecasters predict 14cm by tomorrow. I can't even imagine my neighborhood with the eerie silence that accompanies snow days in Oregon and California. Wouldn't it be amazing?

And how great is this? Tomorrow, the mailboxes will be mine.

Snow Ghosts

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