Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Lunar Bike Ride.

Happy winter! Not only is today winter solstice, but there was also a total eclipse of the moon. How cool is that? Being in South Korea, it started at about 4:40pm (the exact minute I get off work). Unfortunately, the moon was not yet visible at that time. Still, I was dead set on at least catching the end. I waited and waited and finally, it got dark. I rode my bike to the Anyang River where, YES, I caught it. It was amazingly stunning and for about 30 minutes of listening to the river water flow and looking up into the sky, I forgot about just how horrible the day had been. Negative thoughts...all...just...faded...away.....

I love this bridge because the colors change from pink to blue to green. 


  1. That bridge name is bisan-daegyo(bridge). bisan means a soaring mountain. there is another cool bridge at upper stream of anyang and hagui-cheon(sream).it looks like a white crane. actually hagui's hag means a crane. you can see cranes near hagui-stream espcially summer season.^^

  2. Thanks :) I never knew the name!