Thursday, December 9, 2010

Gangnam-gu: an evening stroll.

I was feeling adventurous tonight, so I decided to explore Gangnam-gu, one of the 20 districts of Seoul. It it very large and feels like a city in itself. Popular for shopping, it hosts two very large malls and outdoor shopping around Gangnam subway station. Besides protecting myself from getting mauled, I mostly just walked around. It's quite the chaotic place (or so it seems to me), but it still a relaxing stroll. 

On my subway ride home, I witnessed a man give an elder man his seat on the subway. The elder man, now sitting, then got up and gave the seat to an even older elder man. A man sitting next to the eldest soon got off the subway and the first elder sat back down. The two men, and strangers to one another, then conversed until it was my stop and I could no longer spy.  I'm not certain you would see this in the states. I like the respect Koreans have for their elders and I appreciate the sense of community that exists.

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