Tuesday, November 23, 2010

French Press that Korean Conflict.

I'm sure most of you are well aware that today at about 2:30PM, North Korea opened fire on Yeonpyeong Island, South Korea. In pictures. Two South Korean marines were killed, fifteen injured, 3 civilians injured, and the neighborhood lit on fire. Not until reading a fellow teachers facebook status did I know about the event because there was absolutely no word of it at my school (at least not in English and not directed toward me). Once I brought it up, the subject was quickly changed because "there is nothing to worry about" and "this happens all the time." I certainly feel as though outsiders might over-exaggerate the North and South Korea conflict, but I also think that South Koreans have become desensitized when a threat does still exists. After all, two are dead and many are losing their homes. A uranium enrichment program does exist and who really knows with any clear evidence what exactly takes place or is happening in North Korea. Anyway, the whole thing certainly put me on edge, but the worst part was being the only one amongst many that felt this way. I needed someone that felt similar to feel better, to feel a sense of support.

So Jake and I met up for some dinner. We didn't need to say much about the incident, just quickly discuss what had happened and how crazy it is that nobody cares! Don't laugh, but we also assigned two meeting spots in case of an emergency. And after this post, I will register with the U.S. embassy (something I have not yet gotten around to). Not to scare anyone back home because I really do feel, for the most part, safe. I just want to be as safe as possible.

So Long to Instant Coffee

Oh my gosh, how I hate you so. You are disgusting, make my stomach hurt and to top it off, I'm not convinced you even contain a single drop of caffeine.Call me a coffee snob, but I am from Portland and have been spoiled to death by all of Portland's REAL and GOOD coffee awesomness.

Today, I finally put my foot down and decided to say NO to instant coffee in this land where its dependence is fanatic. Why the obsession? I do not know. What I do know is that I cannot stand another sip of this crap and so I bought a french press at E-Mart.

"Oh yeah, I need real coffee, though. Instant coffee in the french press? I don't think so." So, I hesitantly headed to the coffee section of E-Mart. Everything was instant, grinds produced by the instant coffee companies or waaaay overpriced. Quickly, I texted my friend that has a coffee shop (SuA Bean) below my building and, score, he told me sells grinds too! I buy 100 grams of a chocolatey Tanzania, Kiliminjaro blend. I cannot express how excited I am to wake up in the morning and drink a cup of strong, dark, fresh 커피.

And to top off the evening, my friend threw in some chrysanthemum for free.

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