Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Flaming Lips Embrace Seoul and Oregonians Unite!

The week passed and the highly anticipated Friday finally came. The day was special because my best friend from home (and an English teacher in Daegu) headed up for a weekend visit. The time together was much needed. Next to my mom, she knows me better than anyone else in the world. So, for two days, I felt more grounded than I have in a long time. She gets me, and I get her, so together everything just feels natural. I've met amazing people here in South Korea, but there is something extremely comforting in being past the "getting to know one another" phase and being able to jump into conversation about absolutely anything. Or do absolutely anything and not give a rats butt about what the other thinks because you know they don't care.

On Friday, Shannon and I shopped around Namdaemun and Myeongdong, but who shops on an empty stomach?

"MEEEEOOOOWWWW!" A young boy started mimicking our cat noises.

Jake (from Oregon and teaching in Anyang) and Chris (from Oregon and teaching in Jeonju) joined for an Oregonians Gathering. Jake was in graduate school with Shannon and I and Chris, in high school with us. One time Chris saved my life, but I must not share details...

A little pre-Flaming Lips celebrating.

Despite a little confusion on both our taxi driver's and our part, Chris, Shannon and I finally arrive at AX Hall.

He loves bubbles.

We are actually watching The Flaming Lips IN SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA. It still feels surreal.

Of course.

Feeling the music.

Hardly a shortage of confetti!

And guess what? The lead singer, Wayne, has an Oregon sticker on his guitar. He's not even from Oregon, so go us :)

Absolutely enchanting environment.
There was definitely a chicken.


And some BBQ to end the perfect night.

Stayed in Happy Guesthouse Hostel off of Beotigogae
Station, Exit 1. *****
For breakfast and pre-departure.
For some really great photographs of the show, click here.

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