Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I was a fool to think it wouldn't affect me here. To be honest, I'd love insomnia if it weren't for the exhausted feeling that dominates the days. But at night, I love staying awake; I'd rather remain conscious permanently. If I didn't get tired (nor look like a zombie), I wouldn't even attempt the sleep. Especially here in a new country, I'd like to have more time and therefore, less night and less sleep.

Oh beautiful Anyang fall. 

Plotting my winter break adventure...I'll remain quiet so to not get my hopes up ;)


  1. Jujube tea (daechucha) is great for alleviating insomnia and skin troubles. Simply made homemade stuff is the best; just make sure you use premium jujubes.

    -a Seoulite

  2. Thanks you! I'll pick some up today :)