Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Arrrrr, matey!

So, I read on one of the numerous Daves ESL Cafe packing threads that it's a great idea to bring something "American" to give to your students on your first day of teaching. The author of the post mentioned that she handed out miniature flags to her students and that they loved them. Now that is just a little too "American" for me, but I recently discovered this pirate booty that also comes with markers for coloring at the local Goodwill. Since they are made of thinly sliced wood, they are super lightweight.
I think I'll bring them with me. Pirates are sort of American, right? After all, our culture is obsessed with the modern day pirate.

In other news, I finally received my VISA issuance number today. This means that I can now apply my VISA and then purchase my plane ticket for departure on 9/12. Holy cow, this is real.

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