Sunday, August 15, 2010

What if?

Today a representative of EPIK called me. I didn't have reception so I missed the call, but in a message they informed me that they want to take me off the wait-list and place me at a public school in Busan. Busan sounds amazing, but I feel ready for Anyang. There is sort of an adjustment period that I've experienced even before leaving. It's difficult to explain, but essentially, I feel comfortable with my soon to be position with GEPIK and living in Anyang. Still, there are a million "what if" questions prancing throughout my head. What if being further south is safer? What if I'd be happier living near a beach? What if the people on the forums are right and the foreigner population in Anyang really is difficult to get along with? What if, what if, what if....AHHH!

HERE is the best collection of Anyang photographs that I've found thus far.

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