Monday, August 9, 2010

Apostille, What?

Upon starting this blog, I originally planned on outlining the application process step-by-step for anyone that might be interested in teaching English in South Korea. I have since decided against such a post. Partially because such steps can be found all over the web and vary greatly depending on various factors (Ie. public vs. private, recruiter vs. direct, current location, etc.), but mostly because, by doing that, I'd bore us both to tears.

Instead, I will quickly address the part of the application process that proved to be the most confusing for myself, and that process would be that of obtaining apostilles on both the Criminal  Background Record and Diploma. And by quickly, I mean I am simply going to introduce you to photographs of a Notary and an Apostille, my reason being that there are instructions for receiving the apostille all over the web, but 1. they lack in visuals, leaving you thinking: "What the eff is an apostille?" and 2. they fail to differentiate between a notarization and an apostille and that you must receive the notary prior to the apostille, leading you to think: "What the eff is a Notary?"

So, here they are:
A Notary

An Apostille

I can't believe these two simple markings caused me such grief...

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