Saturday, October 8, 2011

Happy Hangul (한글) Day! From, Google

Today is Hangul Day or Hangul Proclamation Day. On this day in 1416, King Sejon the Great introduced and declared Hangul as Korea's official language. It used to be that Korean governmental workers had the day off, but with the desire to increase working days, the government ended its status as a "holiday" and switched it to a "commemorative day." Today is Sunday, anyway, but last year we missed out on a day off!

2011- (Goo-Geul) Best one so far!

I was happily surprised to see that Google is participating in the celebration. And they have been for the past 3 years. Sweet!

2010- Reads Goo (Han) e. I don't get it?  
2009- This one is kind of weird to me because it totally strips
the characters of meaning and uses them instead as
decoration in an English word. 
2008- Reads Goo (geul) e. Really like this one. 
.Google Doodle History

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