Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Spring is in the Air

To follow up on my last post and to be fair,

I've seen many Korean Magpies, eaten my Korean food favorites,  received the Ahnnyeong Hasseo and bow from all my enthusiastic students, and biked down to the Anyangcheon and am now feeling much more satisfied being back.

I told my students about my experience squeezing elephant dung in my hands to check the elephant's health and they just couldn't believe it. To them, this was the most disgusting thing under the sun. Secretly, though, I know they thought it was cool.  Hopefully they wont remember for long because my best tool for connecting with the students that speak little English is high-fives...

Sunset on the Anyangcheon
Anyway, I'm getting the feeling that spring is in the air, you know that indescribable one. It's still painfully cold, but the feeling gives me hope for warmer days.

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