Monday, February 21, 2011


An evening bike ride. First to Central Park and then to the Haguicheon. Have I mentioned how happy I am that the sun still shines after work these days? I can't wait until this trail is lined with cherry blossoms come spring!


  1. Why don't you try Cheonggye-san(Mt.) it's not too high so good for light tracking. you can see also Cheonggye-sa(temple) that was established in 1284. it's interesting I can see the pic of hagui-cheon thru this page that i jogged just last night. Plus, anyangcheon and haguicheon got same line at final but anyangcheon runs from south to north for seoul. haguicheon runs east to west_branch. so you taken haguicheon actually ^^;

  2. Good to know :) Thanks for the river info. It's difficult for me to know exactly where I am when all the trails split off. I love Hagui-cheon, though and will definitely give Cheonggye-san a go!

  3. Great photos. Ah the Cherry Blossoms must be beautiful :)