Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Still Alive!

Who’s the worst blogger in the world? ::Raises hand:: This girl! Time in Korea is a funny concept in that it moves really fast. In fact, everything in Korea happens at super speed- driving, eating, walking, grocery store lines (I like this one), etc. Well, I feel like it’s been moving even faster than usual lately and I think it’s because spring brought wonderful weather and now summer is bringing even more. Talk about being spoiled…

I’m also within the final stretch of my 2 years teaching in Korea. I’m finding myself worrying that each hike I take, each food I eat, each person I see…down to every last action that make up my days, weeks and months, could be the last. But realistically, I know this isn’t the case. Sure I have just 2 months left until the end of my contract and I leave the country, but it won’t be a final goodbye. It can’t be.  I won’t let it be. When exactly I will return, I do not know, but indeed it will happen. Korea embraced me and in return, I made it my second home. Someday I will return. But at the moment, I need change and it's a yearning that I can feel all the way to the core. Change, inspiration and growth. 

For now, I’m going to make the most of what little time remains before my departure. And while I’m crazy excited for the return to my first home (like really, really, crazy excited), I’m not going to let that get in the way of experiencing every last thing Korea throws at me this summer.

I promise for some spring and summer adventure updates in the near (let's hope) future, but for now I leave you with a great tune by The Head and the Heart and some amazing comics by my fabulous students.


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  2. Oh, sorry. not watusw -> plz send an email me!!