Saturday, March 17, 2012

Save my Friend: Help North Korean Refugees (Photos) Pt. 3

-2 million people (about 10%) of North Korea's population has died from famine. 

-150-200,000 North Koreans reside in gulags or political work camps for simply reading a foreign newspaper, singing a South Korean pop song, ‘insulting the authority’ of the North Korean leadership or being within 3 generations of someone of such. 

-North Koreans cannot escape over the heavily guarded DMZ between North and South Korea, so they cross the Tumen River into China. 

-An estimated 250,000 North Koreans live in China

-China views defectors as illegal immigrants rather than refugees, and therefor, if arrested, North Koreans are repatriated. 

-The North Korean government pays China for their return while defectors face execution, torture, and/or political work camps. 

-It's a myth that we know little about "The Hermit Kingdom." Defectors are ready to share their stories. We just need to listen. 

A few of the past vigils: 
Photos courtesy of Joey, Harry and Deborah

Debbie and I speaking at the Save my Friend vigil

Bottom line...

We support the Save my Friend campaign. 

A North Korean doctor (left) and Park Sun-Young, a Korean lawmaker, went on a hunger strikes in front of the Chinese
Embassy in support of 31 defectors in Chinese custody that would soon be repatriated. 

The doctor speaks

Debbie, Barbie and HyungKyung 

Debbie, myself and Joanna

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