Thursday, June 9, 2011

Herons of the Hakui River

I'm pretty sure I saw my stolen bike ride past me last week.  They went so quickly, though, I couldn't get quite a good enough look to know for certain. It was a little disheartening, but it pushed me into upping the energy being put into my new bike search.

And yesterday, I finally found and purchased one. Immediatly after buying it, I took to down to the Hakui River for a test spin. It was early evening and the cool air along with the river sounds reminded me of how much I love/missed biking in this city. I spotting a great blue heron in the water and so I found a place to sit and observe. And then, right before my eyes, I witnessed my first bird-fish hunt. That heron dove its beak into the water and in one shot, came back up with dinner. This has led to my decision to name my new bike "Great Blue." It only seems fitting as my last bike was "Big Red" and the one before that was "Purple People Eater."

Fish in Mouth

Tonight I took it out for another spin and saw two more herons; one gray and one white! Looks like with the weather warming up, I'll be seeing many of them around.

Bee Watching

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