Monday, March 14, 2011


I've officially been in South Korea just over 6 months now! Whew, how time has flown. My outlook on the next 6 months of my contract generally depends on my level of homesickness. Regardless of homesickness, however, I always have the most special of moments with my students at school that generally have me leaving with a giant smile on my face.

Todays kids and their precious moments:
  • A kid giving his friend a ride through the hall on his rollie backpack. 
  • A kid gently grabbing his friends ear and pulling it toward his mouth to whisper messages during a telephone-esk game. Obviously hands around the ear isn't as effective. 
  • A kids uncontrollable movement (entire body spasm) resulting from his excitement for a game I created. 
  • A kids English Journal entry: 
"Hi. I’m Kelly. Teacher I didn’t have something to write ㅠㅠ  Oh! I can (could?) write diary about Lana teacher…
My English teacher’s name is Lana. I don’t know her year. ㅋㅋ She look like 29 years old. She is very kind and beautiful. I like her. Because always don’t angry and very fun. I like another English teacher too. Anyway she is very tall. I don’t know where she from. I didn’t remember. My head’s remembering is very bad. I want to know about Lana teacher more. I love Lana." 

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